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RE & Spirituality

You Were Like Me

11th May - The prayers this week help children to relate to God in a personal, fun and tangible way. The prayer allows children to think of God not as a distant figure in the sky, but as a personal God who came down to earth and walked and talked just like we do!

the prayers for each day are the same: a litany of 12 prayers and actions. Adults can encourage the children to follow the actions by joining in themselves! The prayers naturally conclude with a more reflective tone, so please encourage children to close their eyes and reflect at the appropriate moment during prayer time.

Whole week prayer


27th April - This weeks prayers help children to look for ways that they can be like Jesus and 'secretly' show their love and care to others. While we are isolated at home this is a beautiful way to be creative with our relationships, so you might like to use these prayers as a family.

Each day children are invited to choose a particular way to 'secretly' show their love of Jesus to those they live with. Perhaps in the evening you can share as a family the ways you think you were all sharing Jesus' love to each other.

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Bring New Life

20th April - This week the Gospel tells us how the disciples, afraid and alone, shut themselves in a room together. The risen Jesus came to them in their isolation and brought them peace, courage and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

This week's prayers help children to understand that they are not alone: that Jesus rose from the dead and He sees them. He is at work, bringing about renewal to the world and new life to each of us.

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A New Normal

1st-3rd April  - Wednesday  Thursday  Friday

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Easter Holidays - Teachers will not be blogging for the next two weeks so we have collated some ideas that you could do at home over the Easter period. There are two projects for you to choose from. The first is based around the 'Easter theme' and the second is all about 'Spring and looking forward to new life'. We hope that you have some fun over the Easter with these projects and look forward to seeing your efforts on Twitter or email them into the school.

Click here for the projects - Easter Holidays Project work

Please click here for our RE report for 2015

Rosary Mysteries

The Holy Rosary

Rosary Glorious

Rosary Joyful

Rosary Luminous

Rosary Sorrowful

Angel of God

Glory Be

Hail Mary

Our Father

Mrs Leathlean's daily dose of loveliness

Mrs Leathlean will be posting a 'daily dose of loveliness' here. click each day to view.

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